• The first step in beginning to use FidSafe® is to secure hard copies of all your important documents.  You may already have them in a physical safe, or file cabinet.  Engage your advisors (lawyers, financial advisor, accountant) to help you prepare, or update your documents. 
  • Ask your provider (e.g. bank) to provide important documents in electronic form, this makes it easier for you to use FidSafe.
  • After uploading a file, you can update the description field with the expiry/renewal date of that document, that will serve as a reminder of when to renew that document.
  • For documents that only come in hard copy such as passports and driver’s licenses, simply take a picture with your smartphone or digital camera, and upload to FidSafe®.  The application accepts all image formats, so you can upload images of important documents as well!
  • Remember to safe keep the original documents because in some cases copies will not suffice.  You can write a note in your FidSafe with the physical location of the files you’ve uploaded.

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