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Secure Ways to File Critical Documents

Mar 21, 2018

When it comes to managing critical documents, you want a system that is easily accessible, but also secure. Folders of paper documents can be lost or stolen, plus they aren’t easily accessible when you’re away from home. In today’s high-tech world, many options exist for digitizing and organizing documents. However, not all of these are well-suited for storing sensitive information such as financial documents, estate planning information, or personal documents like birth and marriage certificates.

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Digitizing Your Documents

Dec 16, 2015

It’s easy to scan all your important documents to digital copies—see the three options listed below. But first, it’s helpful to understand why digitizing documents is so beneficial.

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Spring Cleaning Tips: Taxes*

Mar 23, 2015

With daylight savings time this month, spring really is coming. So, in keeping with the tradition of spring cleaning it’s time to get the salt out of the rugs and…

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Four Smart Ways to Use FidSafe

May 30, 2014

Sometimes, the best way to learn is from others. So whether you’re new to FidSafe® or been using it for a while, here are 4 ways other customers are making…

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