Have copies of the right documents in the right place, all the time. FidSafe® is the secure online solution that ensures the critical files you need are available to you and your family whenever and wherever you need them, even after you’re gone. Get started, it's quick, easy and free!

Live prepared, rest assured

Life's critical moments happen fast. Be assured that your important data and documents are in order and available to you and those who need them at a moment's notice.

> Start Planning Ahead

Legacy Planning

Ease the burden of an already difficult time by ensuring that your legacy documents are accessible to loved ones before and after you pass.

The Unexpected

Emergencies and disasters don't care how important your important documents are, so no matter what happens to them, FidSafe® keeps digital copies safe.

Financial Planning

Be ready for the financial moments you see coming (like buying a home, filing your taxes, or managing retirement), and well positioned for the ones you don't.

Easy organization

If you can scan it, FidSafe can store it. With up to 5GB storage space at your disposal, it's easy to consolidate and organize digital backups of your important files.

We'll even help you consider which documents could be right for you.

What You Can Put In Your FidSafe

Your privacy is our priority

Our top priority is keeping your confidential data just that: confidential. With FidSafe, your privacy and documents are protected by state-of-the-art security from Fidelity Wealth Technologies LLC, a Fidelity Investments company.

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From the second you send data from your computer to our servers, while it’s stored, and when it’s accessed within FidSafe, it’s encrypted and passed through secure channels.

Secure Sign-in

In addition to your email and password, we authenticate your identity through a code sent to your mobile device, or by using personal security questions that you know the answer to.

Privacy Protection

We impose strict, monitored controls over personal data, and don’t use the limited personal information you provide to serve up targeted online ads.

There when you need it

Upload copies of your documents to our web-based system and access them whenever and wherever you need to, or grant a trusted contact access in the event anything happens to you.

Shared After Death

FidSafe's Sharing After Death service allows for your important documents to be accessed by a trusted designee when you pass.

Always Available

On the go or during an emergency, your data is viewable 24/7 on our site or through our iOS app, on any connected computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Managed Access

Share your documents with other FidSafe members on your terms. FidSafe makes it easy to share specific files with specific people.