Sometimes, the best way to learn is from others. So whether you’re new to FidSafe® or been using it for a while, here are 4 ways other customers are making the most of their accounts.

1. Capture your to-do list.

One FidSafe® customer uses the Notes functionality to capture a running list of the different documents and information she plans to store. She also writes various contacts’ names next to each, to track which items she’d like to share and with whom.

2. Go straight to the source.

Most people find they only have hard copy printouts of important documents. To save time scanning, some customers ask authors of key information for digital files. For example, one customer asked her accountant who gladly gave her a pdf of her 2013 tax return, and her lawyer gave her a digital file of her will.

3.  Streamline sharing information.    

Often times, it takes a national holiday to get everyone under the same roof. However, instead of waiting until Thanksgiving to pass key family information round the table with the turkey, customers can use FidSafe to share and access it all year. As one customer put it, “I’m able to streamline what would have otherwise taken 6 phone calls and 27 emails ­– and everyone is on the same page. Miracle!”

4.  Avoid the drama.

A casual conversation with a family member can morph into a serious discussion involving sensitive information such as the location of a will and funeral arrangement requests. As one customer knew from past experience, it’s important to share this information with everyone who needs to know, otherwise, it can result in hard feelings or worse. This time, she used FidSafe to ensure everyone has access to the same level of information, so everyone keeps talking to each other.

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