Security is our top priority at FidSafe.®  We want to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to your personal information.  To this end, we have an additional security feature you can use when accessing your account.  When signing up, we will require your mobile phone number.  Once in the app, you can choose to enable or disable this functionality; however we highly recommend you enable it.

Two-factor authentication simply means an additional means to ensure that the user really is who they are claiming to be.  In addition to requiring something only the user knows (password), FidSafe®’s two-factor authentication will require verification from something only the user has, which in this case would be a code received via phone.   Enabling two-factor authentication will make it that much more difficult for unauthorized access.

We are also using two-factor authentication when you make changes to your account profile such as resetting your password; this is done to make sure that only you can make such changes to your account.  So go ahead and turn two-factor authentication on, your data will be safer.

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