Most of these product updates are based on customer feedback and our desire to improve FidSafe® for you, our customers. Here is what you can expect to see in FidSafe® if you are an existing customer or thinking about joining.


As customers know, you can currently store three different Content types in FidSafe: Files, Notes, and Passwords. Whenever you open FidSafe, your Content is displayed for you, so you’ll never have to dig to find what you’re looking for.

Now you’ll have another option, as we’ve added folders into which you can drag and drop your Content. You can have as many folders as you like and name them anything you wish. To get you started we’ve pre-populated folders for some common categories.

You can still tag your documents. Use tags alone or together with folders, based on your personal preference.

Impact to Customers:

In adding folders, we have removed the MyFidSafe tag tree, though your existing tags have all been preserved.

Security Challenge Questions

We’ve added security challenge questions to provide an alternative layer of login protection available to everyone, but mandatory for customers who choose not to use the mobile phone verification feature. These security challenge questions are also helpful if you have difficulty logging into your Account or when you are in FidSafe and need to verify your Account or change your personal information online.

Impact to Customers:

  • At your next login, you’ll need to set up these challenge questions in order to access your FidSafe Content.
  • If you currently access FidSafe using only your username (email address) and password, you now also need to answer a security challenge question to log in.
  • If you currently access FidSafe using a mobile phone code, you will still need to set up security challenge questions, but there will be no change to your login experience.

Mobile Phone Verification for Password Safe

To access the Password safe, you will need to add mobile phone verification if you don’t already have it. Also, consider using this security feature to protect your entire FidSafe Account.

Impact to Customers:

  • If you currently log in to FidSafe using mobile phone code two-factor authentication, there will be no change to you.
  • If you do not log in using the two-factor code, the Password safe feature will not be accessible to you until you enter a code from your verified mobile phone.
  • The Password safe will always be accessible to you if you log in to FidSafe using mobile phone code two-factor authentication. You may do this each time you wish to access the Password safe or you can change your settings to require this code when you log into FidSafe.

Log into FidSafe with Your Username and Password

If you have login credentials for, you can now use either your FidSafe or your username and password to log in to FidSafe. If you wish to use your login credentials, select the link to log in with those credentials. You will still need to provide your selected FidSafe two-factor authentication method to log into your FidSafe Account.

Impact to Customers: 

In order to use your login credentials you will need to:

  1. Select the link to log in using credentials.
  2.  Enter your login credentials for both Fidelity and FidSafe.

Other Enhancements

  • Improved look-and-feel to the login page
  • A streamlined registration process
  • Easier two-factor authentication setup
  • Improved activity notification emails including Contact request acceptance and document sharing
  • Various other experience enhancements and bug fixes

We hope you find these new features and updates useful, so please let us know! We depend on your feedback to improve FidSafe. Send us feedback.