Nobody’s ever “ready” for an emergency, but there are ways to prepare yourself—and your family—for the events you can’t see coming. Start by keeping track of your important documents, instructions, contacts, and personal items.

Recording that information in one safe place, and making it accessible to loved ones could make it easy for them to contact the right people, find your important documents, and locate important personal belongings if anything happens to you.

To try and help, we put together the all-new FidSafe® Fundamentals Kit, four editable pdfs that walk you through our thoughts on identifying, organizing, and protecting your information so you can share it with the people you think rely on you most. Here’s how to use them:

pdf My Important Documents

Start here. This go-to checklist itemizes common documents to consider copying and uploading to FidSafe. If you keep it handy, then you can use it to track your progress as you gather, upload, and share your information using the following forms.

pdf My Key People

You may know exactly who you’d contact in an emergency, but does your family? Make a list of the important people in your life—from family members to financial advisors to a reliable repairman—by filling out and uploading this form to FidSafe, and then sharing it. Therefore, if there’s ever an emergency, or if something happens to you, your family knows exactly who to contact.

pdf My Online Accounts

Whether it’s a social networking profile, utility, banking or investment account, or video streaming service, you probably have one or more online accounts. Keep track of them all on this form, share it out, and the people you’ve shared it with through FidSafe will know about the accounts’ existence if they ever need to request access.

pdf Where I Keep My Stuff

Maybe it’s a coffee can in the attic, or a safety deposit box downtown. We all have special places to keep important items like original documents, keys, valuables, and heirlooms. Use this form to keep a record of all those items—and their locations—in FidSafe, and consider sharing it with the people you think need to know, too.

Be there for your family, even if you can’t actually be there. Put the FidSafe Fundamentals Kit to work today.