Four Smart Ways to Use FidSafe

May 30, 2014

Sometimes, the best way to learn is from others. So whether you’re new to FidSafe® or been using it for a while, here are 4 ways other customers are making…

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Storing Copies of Your Tax Forms

Apr 17, 2014

With April 15th having passed, many people have completed tax forms.  Now what do you do with them…and more importantly, is there anything you can do to make the process…

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Two-Factor Authentication

Oct 17, 2013

Security is our top priority at FidSafe.®  We want to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to your personal information.  To this end, we have an additional security feature…

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Getting Started with FidSafe

Sep 23, 2013

The first step in beginning to use FidSafe® is to secure hard copies of all your important documents.  You may already have them in a physical safe, or file cabinet….

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