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Back to Basics: Find Peace of Mind with the FidSafe Fundamentals Kit

May 4, 2015

Nobody’s ever “ready” for an emergency, but there are ways to prepare yourself—and your family—for the events you can’t see coming. Start by keeping track of your important documents, instructions,…

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Preparing for a Good End: Digital Assets*

Apr 20, 2015

Everything we do on our digital devices, social networks, and communication channels can leave behind data, also known as our digital footprint. This data might be eternal…

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The FidSafe iPhone App Is Here

Mar 27, 2015

If you have an iPhone® and a FidSafe® account, it’s even easier to access your important backups on the go. The new FidSafe companion app is now available for download…

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Spring Cleaning Tips: Taxes*

Mar 23, 2015

With daylight savings time this month, spring really is coming. So, in keeping with the tradition of spring cleaning it’s time to get the salt out of the rugs and…

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Preparing for a Good End: Family Conversations

Feb 17, 2015

“No man is an island.” -John Donne This quote is as true today as it was 400 years ago, most starkly perhaps, when facing your own mortality. While communicating with…

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