BOSTON, Feb. 9, 2017 – Fidelity recently introduced the Fidelity Estate Planner®, an easy-to-use online service exclusively for customers that helps individuals organize information and documents, become informed on estate planning matters and necessary decisions, and connect with an estate planning attorney. This service provides customers with tips and guidance on how to find and work with the right attorney for them and their family, as well as a safe place to store their documents.

“This tool helps streamline and make an otherwise complex process less intimidating,” said Andrew Peterson, Vice President, FidSafe Product Development. “And because it’s about protecting loved ones, children and other family members, it ensures that the information necessary to prepare for unexpected events is easily accessible by everyone. With the Fidelity Estate Planner and FidSafe, customers can easily document their planning process and clearly communicate their wishes.”
After providing information into the online estate planner, Fidelity customers are provided with a comprehensive Estate Planning Summary in a PDF, which can then be stored into FidSafe directly, downloaded, or sent as an email. If the customer does not yet have FidSafe, they can quickly sign up. From there, the summary document may be shared electronically, via FidSafe, with the customer’s attorney. The customer may also share the document, or any other documents they have, in their FidSafe account– with loved ones or other trusted advisors.
In summary, the Fidelity Estate Planner:

• is a free and fully online experience, enabling customers to avoid the inefficiencies of passing information by mail, email, or waiting for in-person visits
• integrates with FidSafe to provide a comprehensive and easy online solution
• helps individuals and their families feel more prepared and organized

About FidSafe
FidSafe is operated by XTRAC Solutions®, Fidelity’s independent workflow, reporting and document management company. With FidSafe, consumers can store, access and share digital copies of a family’s most important documents, including wills, estate plans, health care proxies, life insurance policies, tax filings, property titles, passports, social security registrations, marriage and birth certificates. Someone with a FidSafe account can designate one trusted person to receive that account-holder’s documents after they pass away. Visit
FidSafe is available to everyone. Sign up here.

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