The summer and fall seasons are a great time to take off for rest and relaxation. For some, that means hitting the road with friends or family. For others, it’s the perfect time to plan a vacation. In either case, FidSafe® is an ideal way to organize your travel-related documents. A secure, digital archive like FidSafe keeps important information accessible wherever your travels take you. Instead of carrying paper documents and lists with you, simply access your FidSafe account on a mobile device (or anywhere the web is available) to view or share needed information.

Here are various documents you may want to keep safe and easily accessible when embarking on a vacation: 

  • Health-related information.  When traveling overseas, you may find yourself in situations where you need information about your current vaccinations. For both domestic and international travel, it’s also a good idea to have access to your current prescriptions, and contact information for your physicians.
  • Travel documents and personal identification.  When traveling internationally, having access to your passport information page is essential. In the event that your passport is lost or stolen, this information will make it much easier to get a replacement from the U.S. State Department. If you are visiting a country that requires a visa, you may also want to retain a digital copy of this document in a secure, digital archive.
  • Emergency contacts.  If you’re on the road, it makes sense to have emergency contact information close at hand in case unexpected problems arise. For international trips, you may want to store addresses and phone numbers for the closest U.S. embassies or consulates.
  • Travel itineraries.  Vacations often entail a lot of details – flight information, hotel reservations, rental car bookings, and sightseeing tour logistics. Organizing this information in one place can make traveling less stressful and digital versions can be shared with others for their reference as well.

With access to the internet, documents can be uploaded, shared and retrieved from FidSafe anytime and anywhere. No more keeping track of multiple pieces of paper, carrying bulky folders, and worrying about where documents are. Thanks to FidSafe and a bit of advance planning, you will have peace of mind and know that you are well prepared for whatever your travel adventure may bring!

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